Kompano Framework for evolutionary companies.

Beyond Agility

New forms of self-organization and collaboration


We are living in a world of growing complexity and dynamic change, leading to unforeseen and diverse challenges. As a reaction, companies are searching for new ideas and approaches to self-organize and create meaningful collaboration. Reinventing Organizations, Holacracy and lean & agile are such concepts. The Kompano framework takes up and integrates new approaches and models, and visualizes them to make them more accessible.


The Kompano Framework is simple to understand and implement.

It offers guidance and raises questions for evolutionary companies to foster and stimulate co-creative and participatory processes. How can companies design and shape the perspective shift and cultural change towards an evolutionary organization? The Kompano Framework provides companies a frame, context and tools to respond to these questions.


Kompano as wholistic and evolutionary framework.

The Kompano framework focuses on the evolutionary development of your company / organization – step by step, organic and through self-learning. This way a company empowers itself to use large-scale developments like globalization and digitization as opportunities for its own development and positioning.


"„When the principle of self-organization replaces hierarchical leadership, orientation to employees will be created and provided by a shared purpose"


Three essential elements of evolutionary companies

The Kompano Framework defines essential elements of evolutionary organizations by asking three foundational questions: What characterizes an evolutionary company? How does it shape interactions between people? How and within which organizational structures does it carry out its performance?

  • The Core of a company defines the purpose and fosters a sense of identity.
  • Governance encompasses the general principles and conditions to work collaboratively and support an evolutionary development.
  • Operations organize work flow and performance of day-to-day work based on the principles of self-organization and self-management.


Four fields of development for humans and organizations

The Kompano Framework spans four fields of development that are seen as interconnected and interrelated within an evolutionary organization. These four fields are being, doing organizational structures and organizational culture.

Being and doing refer to the individual, the colleagues within the organization. These fields are especially important for new forms of leadership within an evolutionary organization.

Beeing: This field describes the personal development of individuals within the organization. It encompasses personal values, convictions and mindsets. Evolutionary leadership in this context perceives the individual always as subject and supports its development through feedback and retrospectives. 

Doing: This field addresses the visible actions of coworkers. The central goal of evolutionary leadership is to encourage people to take own initiative.

Organizational structures: This field focuses on structures, methods and processes of the organization. As an evolutionary organization aims to improve continuously, the role of evolutionary leadership is to introduce and establish participatory methods and processes.

Organizational culture: The organizational culture is the invisible foundation for all structures and processes, and the approach is a continuous development thereof. Evolutionary leadership in this context means to create the conditions and environment for an open exchange about values and purpose within the organization.



Four principles enable the process of developing an evolutionary organization and shape the interaction between its people

Four principles enable the process of developing an evolutionary organization and shape the interaction between its people:

Co-creativity: Bringing together all ideas, qualities and talents unfolds powerful collaboration. Understanding and appreciating differences within a community increases its creativity: it is in these co-creative and nurturing interactions that trust is built - and a community capable of innovating and creating the new.

Trust: Trust is build in shared learning experiences that enables everybody to participate openly and honestly in the shared development process.

Transparency: If everybody within the company should be empowered to take over responsibility it is crucial to open up company goals, financial details and other key indicators.

Appreciation: Appreciation means to engage with each other as whole human beings, to treat each other as equals and to learn from differences and challenges. Interaction between humans is happening on eye level.



Feedback and retrospective

Regular retrospectives and feedback loops enable co-creative learning and participatory engagement within the company.




"Evolutionary development happens successfully in vibrant companies that enable employees to collaborate appreciatively and co-creatively."


The Kompano Framework is a work of Ralf Janssen, Kompano Entwicklungsberatung. Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution: The disclosure and processing is allowed and encouraged on equal terms for commercial purposes under the condition to state the author www.kompano.de